P Dawg accessories
for bulldogs
This is a clothing line specifically for bulldogs.  English Bulldogs have a unique structure and store bought clothes do not fit them well.  Due to their broad chest and short bodies the outfits are usually too tight and look awkward.   Being a bulldog owner myself,  I was tired of  finding things that would not fit my bulldog.  So I started to customize outfits for Princess.  This site is one of a kind because clothing items here are not mass produced.  Therefore I have a limited supply of each fabric. If the fabric runs out and I have more requests for it, I will try to get more if available.  I'm always on the look out for new and interesting fabric to keep it fun and fashionable.  Right now I only have a line for female bulldogs. However, I will have apparel for males in the near future.  If you have an immediate request for a male, please let me know and I can make you one. And just to let you know,  all apparel and fabric are four paw approved by P Dawg herself!